Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The typical December blog post (I am 28 years old and I still blog)

I was just randomly checking my blog (one of the things one does when one has loads of work to do and hence naturally one is heavily procrastinating) and I had this sudden urge to find out whether anyone still reads my blog. After checking the Feedjit counter I realized that people from places like "pantai negeri sembilan" have visited my blog three days ago. After, of course checking where this place is exactly (Malaysia, apparently) I decided to check google analytics and found out that people actually do read my blog: this blog has been viewed 42 times in the last one month.

Well, so I readily deleted a dozen or so posts bordering on the murderously depressing and the painfully pathetic zones, and here i am.

That brings me to the fact that after reading my blog posts of the last year, I really do feel like I was, indeed, terribly depressed, the whole of last year. Now that I am not, I can feel the difference; what I was feeling on the 23rd of December 2014 is so vastly different from what I feel now, how I am now, I think I should thank my stars.

(And get back to work, because I think I should keep this job, no matter what)



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Nishaan said...
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Nishaan said...


You probably don't remember me, but I just checked my blog after years and saw one of your comments asking me to send you something I wrote, and felt compelled to respond. I can't seem to post my reply there because I don't understand Blogger anymore..then again, I never did, but anyway, here it is:

Apologies for the obscenely late response, but I don't think I have that anymore. Either I deleted it myself, which seems like something I'd do, or it just disappeared, which seems like something blogger might do. I hope you recovered from whatever was bothering you then with something more healthy, like ice cream or cocaine.

Seriously though, I'm sorry. I just read a few of your posts from that year, and you were obviously going through a difficult time, dealing with certain things I identify with. I'd been through something similar for 6 years or so (well, the past tense isn't quite appropriate because it never really goes away, but it's better now), which is why I stopped writing and essentially disappeared - from the internet, and in general. I hope you're doing better now.

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